Being trained as an archeologist, I am fascinated to discover layers by digging and to expose carefully what is hidden. Socially alert and sensitive to injustice, I understood that photography is an excellent medium to explore this dichotomy between what we see and what “is”. It can even clarify unconscious biases that influence or corrupt our vision. The result of this cannot be unequivocal and therefore has, preferably, many layers.
This engenders monumental and yet subtle feelings, that can only be shown in a monumental way, with focus on tactility; tactility and fragility, transparency and tonality: they all enhance the intensity and readability of the work.
“Serendipity” is essential in the materialization of my work.: starting from a supposedly objective reality, merely by a non permanent way of fixing the photographs, new images and realities can originate; on the other hand, individual, existing images can in an aleatory way become part of new compositions. I have a great inclination for the unpredictability of old photographic techniques and processes which will be implemented in my work in progress.

Voici la nudité,
Le reste est vêtement.
Voici le vêtement,
Tout le reste est parure.
Voici la pureté,
Tout le reste est souillure.
Voici la pauvreté,
Le reste est ornement.

Charles Péguy